Book “Mini-dressing au crochet”


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23 crochet patterns from 3 to 8/10 years old

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Please note : the language is FRENCH. Hard cover, matt pages, 128 pages with 23 crochet pattern from 3 to 8/10 years old. Summary, for girls :

  • a very romantic linen spring dress with delicate details
  • a retro skirt with a crazy stitch
  • a corolla skirt very easy to make
  • a polka-dot empire blouse
  • a quick overall skirt (easy)
  • a mohair cardigan with small details like false cables and some bobbles
  • a capeAnd 10 accessories

For girls and boys (by changing the colors)

  • a bobble sweater (yes,I’ve loved bobbles for a while!)
  • a loose striped sweater, textured stitch
  • a zig zag vest (easy)
  • a sweater with a Pierrot collar
  • a basic sweater with a fringed triangle pattern
  • a shepherd’s vest with bobbles

And 10 accessories

ISBN : 2756528625 Éditions de Saxe

Language : FRENCH

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